Summer Love Ibiza – English version

Summer Love 2017: Ibiza.

It’s already itching.. to relax at the beach, and enjoy the summer in good company – to raise the glass in the light of the setting and then again rising sun. Summer beats are coursing through your body as a natural heart beat, expelling the effects of the long cold winter nights and bringing you back to life. The beams of sunlight penetrate to your core, and make you feel alive and radiating. The passion is rising – only the summer breeze can now offer some solace! Love Cirque calls it “Summer Love”. And who doesn’t enjoy sharing and enjoying this feeling with others?

Summer Love has been brought into existence 5 years ago. After three delightful events, first at Beach club Vroeger and then at Zuid Strand, Summer Love is now known as THE feel-good event. Last year, the weather unfortunately did not cooperate and we were forced to cancel the fourth edition. This year, we will not have ourselves be dependent on the weather – we will ensure our fifth birthday is celebrated with ample of sunshine, and thus travel to Ibiza. Here, we are guaranteed to enjoy our best edition yet, on September 12th of 2017.

The Ibizian summer breeze has had us land at a fantastic location on Ibiza: Putumayo Lounge. Besides serving delicious food, this fairytale-like garden offers everything else to become the perfect place on Ibiza to celebrate both the summer of 2017 as well as our 5th birthday! Dance to the summery beats of our super DJs, while enjoying delightful fingerfoods and amazing cocktails. You wont be able to sit still – this will be dancing until long after the sun has set, and you will return to your hotel, realizing you can never forget this inspiring night on this beautiful island….

Line up:
Mike S
Mario Rivano
Mr & Mrs Secret
Jeff Ace
Just Dennis
Emiel Roché

Music style: Tech-House / Future House / Deep House

Location: Putumayo lounge & music bar
Carretera Cap Negret 6 Cala Gracio, San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain.

Hours: Summer Love 8pm until 3am.
Restaurant opened as of 5pm.

Dresscode: Summer Love! Preferably in white.

Tickets sale on Ibiza:
Important: no door sale during the event!!
Tickets can be bought at the location ahead of time.
Location is open daily as of 5pm (closed on Mondays)

Ticket sale online: (Paypal or creditcard):

Reservations and more info via: